Named for the slow, gentle black waters of the Edisto River that meanders through Bamberg on its slow journey to the Atlantic, Black Water Barrels remains committed to the manufacturing of high quality barrels that meet all of our customers’ expectations and innovating new oak products that all that proudly proclaim “made by Black Water Barrels”.

This is Edisto, the dog.

A river swim loving black lab who is our mascot.  (He’s also Greg’s wing man).

He’s a two and a half year old rescue, who insists on showing the way.

“He meets my truck coming down the dirt road every night and gets in front of the truck to lead me in and the same thing in the morning.” –Greg

In his own way, Edisto has also tested and approved our barrels.

(and appeared in promotions).

This is Edisto, the river.

The Edisto is a black water river system. The water has a dark tea color because the water is stained by chemicals known as tannins which are leached from the tree leaves and other plant material which decays in the surrounding swamps.

The Edisto River Basin is a rich landscape which has attracted and supported people for at least ten thousand years.

The Edisto River is one of the longest free-flowing black water rivers in North America, flowing over 250 meandering miles from its sources in Saluda and Edgefield counties, to its Atlantic Ocean mouth at Edisto Beach, South Carolina

Naturalist photographer Larry Price spent years under open skies near, on and in this mysterious black water gem, capturing it in all seasons, in flood and drought, in all her moods.